FIAP 2022

FIAP 2022
Martinique's issues are linked to its colonial history, its current means of production, its ecology, its insularity. The theme of this 3rd edition is about Martinique, an ecosystem in precarious balance.

This time, there are 3 curators to co-curate : Alicja Korek, Henri Tauliaut & Annabel Guérédrat. They decide to spread out the festival in one year, from january to december 2022 :

  • between january and april / june and octobre, they offer residencies of artists of 2 weeks each, to allow the selected artists to immerse themselves in the issues of Martinique and to collaborate with the curators present on the island.
  • the highlight of a week will be from May 15 to 22, 2022. During the highlight, the curators of the festival will propose pairs of artists and curators in order to promote horizontal relations between them
  • an immersive exhibition is scheduled from November 11 to December 30, with performance art videos produced at the end of the residencies and the highlight.
The artists
  • Schneiderson René (Haïti)
  • Annabel Guérédrat (Martinique)
  • René Louise (Martinique)
  • Javier Contreras Villaseñor (Mexique)
  • Marni Kotak (New York)
  • Fabiana Ex-Souza (Brésil, France)
  • Henri Tauliaut (Martinique, Guadeloupe)
  • Nadia Myre (Montréal)
  • Ludgi Savon (Martinique)
  • Alicja Korek(Pologne)
  • Laurent Troudart (Martinique)
  • Helen Ceballos (Porto-Rico)
  • Jean-Hugues Miredin (Martinique)
Laurent Troudart

After a course in History teaching, Laurent Troudart followed a training in Jazz dance which also involved classical and contemporary dance. His collaborations with different companies allowed him to be confronted more specifically with various currents of contemporary dance in Europe. In 2012, back in Martinique, he founded with Jean Hugues Miredin the company Art&Fact which develops around dance-theatre. Since his encounter with the company Artincidence in 2017, he has been immersing himself more and more in the culture of performance.

Schneiderson René

Born on december 1, 1994 in Port au Prince. Actor,director, choreographer and performer. He started acting at the age of 11 in a theater workshop organized for the children of the Monique Calixte library (BMC) of FOKAL every summer, led by the actress Dieuvela ETIENNE, where he participated for 3 years, that’s where it all began. […] During 2 years he participates in the festival four path with his own creation ‘’PLAIE’’ and ‘’Transe Dantor’’ creator and performer of : ‘’Rèv an, yo rèv an nou’’ (Nuit blanche,2020), Abres Zombie (2020), SOUF (IFH,2021)…

Javier Contreras Villaseñor
[…] He was director of the Choreographic Research Center (CICO) from 2012 to 2022, where he teaches currently. He is also currently a professor of the Master’s in Dance Research of the Cenidid José Limón and the doctorate in visual arts, performing arts and interdiscipline of the INBAL. He has been founder and co-director of the interdisciplinary dance group Proyecto Bará. […] As a choreographer/interpreter and lecturer and professor he has participated in meetings, congresses, and workshops in Mexico and abroad. He is a member of the international dance research team Descentradxs. He has been an INBA-FONAPAS fellow, the Ministery of Culture of Mexico City, the PADID and the FONCA.
Marni Kotak

She is a multimedia and performance artist presenting everyday life being lived. She has received international attention for her durational performances and exhibitions, most notably “The Birth of Baby X” (2011) in which she gave birth to her son as a live performance and “Mad Meds” (2014) during which the artist slowly withdrew from psychiatric medications prescribed for postpartum depression. In “Treehouse” (2017), Kotak — who had just experienced a devastating fire in her home — created a refuge for herself and others to pause from the overwhelming aspects of life. For “Dancing in the Oval Office” (2019), the artist invited the public to join her in her version of the oval office to dance for a more open, inclusive, and peaceful society. […]

Ludgi Savon

 Ludgi Savon, a visual artist from Martinique, explores a phantasmagorical universe. Graphic and pictorial practices (drawing, watercolor painting), assembly, sewing and embroidery, digital arts (studio and digital photography, digital art on smartphone and tablet, video) and performance: his protean creation is part of a poetic and humorous dimension. He stages his body as in a process of re-presentation where, this one, subject or object, embodies an invisible universe.

© photo : Edu Monteiro
Nadia Myre

Nadia Myre is an indigenous and quebecois artist from Montreal who is interested in having conversations about identity, resilience and politics of belonging. A graduate from Camosun College (1995), Emily Carr (1997), and Concordia University (M.F.A., 2002), Myre is a recipient of numerous awards, notably Compagne des arts et des lettres du Québec (2019), Banff Centre for Arts Walter Phillips Gallery Indigenous Commission Award (2016), Sobey Art Award (2014), Pratt & Whitney Canada’s ‘Les Elles de l’art’ for the Conseil des arts de Montréal (2011), Quebec Arts Council’s Prix à la création artistique pour la region des Laurentides (2009), and a Fellowship from the Eiteljorg Museum (2003). […]

Helen Ceballos

Self-taught cross-border performance, photography and video artist. He was born in the Caribbean in the 80s. He completed graduate studies at the National University of Art, Argentina with a specialization in performer, production and new media (2015). His performative work has toured theaters, galleries, universities, festivals, and communities in the Caribbean, the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Her research work has been published in magazines and anthologies in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United States. […]

Alicja Korek

Alicja grew up in a Spartan Soviet Poland. When the wall falls, she is graduate in literature and starts travelling around the world […] She smells, touches, stares at these open spaces, speaks new languages she crosses on her way. The sensuality of the Caribbean landscapes inspires her. Thanks to her encounter with Annabel Guérédrat and Henri Tauliaut, she plunges headlong into performance and land art. Throughout her performances she is fish-woman, druidess, Baba-Yaga, shaman, chimera, always faithful to her eco-feminist philosophy on one side and her fascination with the strange and the extraordinary of the other.

Annabel Gueredrat

Performer choreographer, living and working in Martinique, practitioner in Body Mind Centering®. In 2003, she created and worked for the company ARTINCIDENCE. In 2006, she led dance actions in the field of prostitution, prison, education, medical and socio-humanitarian. Her questions then focus on the body politic and the social posture of Black and Métis women on the set.

© photo: Jean-Baptiste Barret
René Louise

René Louise is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris(painting section). He is the author of several books published by Éditions caribéennes […]. He is a founding member of the “fwomajé” group (named after the tree withparticularly strong and deep roots): this is an association of five Martinican visual artists who have come together to create around a proposal for a Caribbean aesthetic. Researcher, painter, sculptor and scenographer, René Louise has already participated in numerous exhibitions both in the Caribbean and abroad. […]

Fabiana Ex-Souza
She’s an Afro-Brazilian artist-researcher […]. Her work consists of performance, video, installation and photography. In 2014, in relation to her research of diaspora communities, she performs a poetic-political self-decree to redact her slave name and thus transform her name into Ex-Souza. In her artistic practice, she employs the notion of “body-politic” to raise questions about the reactualisation of the archives, reparations, transmission and about the process of transmutation that the artist names “ghost objects”. She is a doctoral candidate in Visual Arts and Photography at the University Paris 8, working on decolonial aesthetics. In 2020 she is one of the recipients of the AWARE/CNAP prize “La vie bonne”.
Henri Tauliaut

Born in 1967 in Abymes in Guadeloupe. Lives and works in Martinique. Visual artist, performer, researcher, doctor in plastic arts, professor at the Higher School of Visual Arts of Martinique (CCA), researcher on Bio art, Henri is also co-director with his partner A. Guérédrat, of the first International Festival of Performance Art (FIAP Martinique) and has also co-created the laboratories of performance art in the savannah of petrifications for 3 years.

© photo: Jean-Baptiste Barret
Jean Hugues Miredin

Dancer, choreographer, performer and dance teacher. He’s been working nationally and internationally across Europe, Asia and United States. […] There he joined the “Paris Centre” dance school. Then he moved to New York City […]. He’s been collaborating with different artists and choreographers such as Camilla Stage, Anders Christiansen, Kitt Johnson, llyod Newson, Kirstie Simson, Jan Martens… […] “Art8Fact” has been granted funds from the French Art council (DAC), La CTM […], and was invited to perform in Africa (Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast), at Cayenne (French Guiana), Czech Republic (Prague) and Fort de France (Martinique). […]

Lazaro Benitez Diaz
Performer, choreographer and dance researcher, based since 2019 between Paris and Marseille. Graduated from the University of Arts of Havana in theory studies and research in dance and in Master 2 in Dance at the University of Paris 8, he revealed his first creation in 2015: Roots, personal construction of my past of hero, followed by Diary of unpublished campaign in 2017, then I do not like heels in 2018. […] In France, he has collaborated with the artists John Deneuve and Thomas Lebrun. In 2020 he created with two other Cuban artists the Colectivo Malasangre and in 2022 presented the piece Que bolero o En tiempos de inseguridad nacional. He is currently working on a cartography of contemporary Caribbean dance and its archives.
Lucien Peter

Lucien Peter holds a national diploma in jazz dance teaching and is a certified professor in plastic arts. Educator, practitioner and even theorician, the dancer, performer and visual artist, originally from the archipelego of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe. His academic research has focused on the development of african-american and caribbean dance (master LLC of the English-speaking world), the performance of gwoka in London (master Choreomundus) and the art of performance (master in plastic arts education teaching and training /MEEF).


Habdaphaï, a former dancer, has devoted himself to painting since the early 1980s. In turn curator, artistic director and event creator, the artist has created and directed three galleries and three international artistic events in Martinique. Painter, performer, sculptor, photographer and videographer, the artist graduated in Performance Art from the University of Besançon and holds a DNSEP-ART from the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon. Attracted by masks, totems and symbols, Habdaphaï creates a language of traces and signs to tell his Martinican experience. A specific work on the Martinican being and a criticism which makes him a chronicler of the being resulting from multi-breedings.

The art critics / curators
  • Giscard Bouchotte (Haïti)
  • Chris Cyrille (Guadeloupe, Paris)
  • Elsa Dorlin (France)
  • Elena Agudio (Germany, Italy)
  • Paola Lavra (Martinique)
  • Nathalie Hainaut (Guadeloupe)
  • Olivier Marbœuf (Guadeloupe/Rennes)
  • Arlette-Louise Ndakoze (Allemagne)
  • Martine Potoczny (Martinique)
  • Anne-Catherine Berry (Martinique)
Chris Cyrille

He is a freelance poet, art critic and exhibition storyteller. After two masters degrees,one in art theory, the other in philosophy at Paris 8, he decided to work for severalmagazines in France. Cyrille is a member of AICA (International Association of ArtCritics), and received the Dauphine Prize for Contemporary Art in 2017; the YoungCurator Prize of the 69th edition of Jeune Création; and the AICA France Prize in 2020.As a theorist and poet, he is interested in Caribbean philosophies and aesthetics.

Elsa Dorlin

Elsa Dorlin is a French philosopher and professor in the department of political science at University of Paris 8 Vincennes/St. Dénis. […] A specialist in the philosophy of Michel Foucault, Dorlin’s research also focuses on black feminist epistemology and Fanonian phenomenology. Her latest book Self-defense: A philosophy of violence (Paris, Zones éditions, 2017), winner of the 2018 Frantz Fanon Book Prize from the Caribbean Philosophical Association, is forthcoming in English (Verso).

Olivier Marbœuf

Olivier Marboeuf is a writer, storyteller and curator. He founded the independent art centre Espace Khiasma ( […]. At Khiasma, he has developed a programme addressing minority representations through exhibitions, screenings, debates, performances and collaborative projects. Interested in the different modalities of transmission of knowledge, Olivier Marboeuf imagines permanent or ephemeral structures based on conversations and speculative narratives. He is currently film producer at Spectre productions ( Read his recent texts on his blog: Toujours Debout (

Giscard Bouchotte
© photo: Antoine Tempėe

Giscard Bouchotte is an independent curator, critic and social entrepreneur. In 2011, he curated the first pavilion of the Republic of Haiti at the Venice Biennale with the exhibition Haiti Kingdom of this World […]. His most recent projects include Périféériques, an itinerant project exploring new artistic and social practices in peri-urban spaces (Benin, Senegal, Haiti), and the Nuit blanche in Port-au-Prince, a call for artists’ engagement in urban initiatives. […] In Haiti, he develops workshops and has curated photographs of emerging artists in the Comoros Islands and Guyana. He works with international public and private institutions in the Caribbean. Also he has produced and directed three films […].

Nathalie Hainaut

Arriving in the Guadeloupe archipelago 19 years ago, Nathalie Hainaut speaks Creole fluently and has established herself as an art critic and exhibition curator. The one who had as “master” the novelist, poet and art critic Michel Butor (1926-2016) now knows almost all the painters and plastic artists of the archipelago and even some of the Caribbean. This 59-year-old Belgian who became French in 1989, lived until the age of 17 in several African countries. She is part of the AICA South of the Caribbean.

Martine Potoczny

Martine Potoczny, PhD in aesthetics and art sciences, within the CRILLASH laboratory, approaches her presentation from the perspective of the plastic arts by developing the question of freedom of expression and artists in Cuba. More specifically, she questions certain artistic postures in the face of the limits of freedom of expression. It also opens the reflection on artists’ studios in Cuba and Martinique. She studies the relationship between the place, the artists’ studios considered as plural spaces, the works that inhabit the studio, and the words of the artists.

Paola Lavra

Doctor in Anthropology Professor of aesthetics and anthropology applied to the arts at the Caribbean Campus of the Arts. Associate researcher at LC2S (Caribbean Social Sciences Laboratory), the “Gender and Society” Group in Martinique.

Anne Catherine Berry

Certified professor in Plastic Arts and Doctor of Arts, Caribbean Arts specialty, having written her thesis on “The archipelago body in the plastic arts of the French Lesser Antilles” under the supervision of Dominique Berthet. Thesis defended at the University of the Antilles. Working at the ESPE in Martinique, where she teaches as part of the preparation for the CAPES in Plastic Arts. She intervened at the University of the Antilles (Martinique pole), within the framework of the License and the Master of Caribbean Arts. Since 2004, she has participated in CEREAP conferences and publications (Center for Studies and Research in Aesthetics and Visual Arts), through reviews and articles published in the reviews Recherches en Esthétique and Gaïac.

Arlette-Louise Ndakoze
As a philosopher, fiction writer, and curator, Arlette-Louise Ndakoze researches on pan-African sciences and their forms of mediation. She focuses on the connection between text and sound – in the broader sense, the one between spiritual-immaterial and physical-material spheres – those spaces of possibility in the making.
As a special attention, A.-L. Ndakoze has been drawing on artistic and intellectual movements – in Rwanda in particular, and across pan-African cultures in general – with research on philosophical disciplines, sonic history, literary scenes, and the link that holds cultures together to this day.
As a member of SAVVY Contemporary, A.-L. Ndakoze co-guides the radio SAVVYZΛΛR, a transposition of SAVVY Contemporary on air, launched in June 2020. In this sonic world of potentialities, forms of pain move to channels of their liberation.
Elena Agudio
Elena Agudio is a Berlin based art historian and curator. Right now, she is artistic director of the SAVVY Contemporary. Her research is focused on the sharing and exchange of knowledge and skills across disciplines and cultures. She studied Art History at the University of Venice – Ca’ Foscari and in 2010 she received her PhD in Art and Design at the University of Architecture of Palermo (Italy). She has been recently appointed artistic co-director at SAVVY Contemporary–The Laboratory of form-ideas the non profit Berlin based art space founded and directed by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung. Since 2010 she is artistic director of the non profit association AoN_a platform for Neuroscience and Art, a project in collaboration with the Medical University of Charité, The School of Mind and Brain of the Humboldt University and the Institut für Raumexperimente, for which she has been curating projects at the Deutsche Guggenheim (Berlin) and the Library of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice). She also works as independent curator and writer.
Upcoming projects include Giving Contours to Shadows (Exhibition/ Roundtables/ Interventions) – Neue Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) Berlin, Gemäldegalerie, SAVVY Contemporary  and satellite projects in Lagos, Dakar, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Martil; The Ultimate Capital is the Sun. (Exhibition/ Symposium) – NGBK.